Photo credits, clockwise from top left: David Wilson Barnes,
Alexandra Burt, Alexandra Burt, Susan Lee.

Give and Go: Learning from Losing to the Harlem Globetrotters is a semi-autobiographical, multi-character, solo show by 6'6" writer/performer (and former professional power forward) Brandt Johnson. First a hit at FringeNYC 2007, Give and Go had another successful run at Metropolitan Playhouse in 2010. See the "Dates" section of this website for information about future productions.

As the story begins, basketball is pure fun for young Billy Tyler, whether he is playing with his beloved Nerf hoop or just shooting around on his backyard court. But when he tries out for his ninth-grade team (and just barely makes it), he is confronted with coach Krinko's severely disciplined approach to the game. Neither fun nor fatigue is tolerated; work and winning are paramount.

It's a bit of a shock for Billy, but before long he embraces coach Krinko's creed. And it serves him well. While his hard work through high school and college doesn't get him to the NBA, it does put him on Wall Street, where the mantras of work and winning continue.

But the lure of basketball never dies for Billy, and he finally leaves investment banking in search of a spot on a professional team in Europe. He accepts an offer to play on a European tour against the Harlem Globetrotters. Of course, he loses every game. But he also discovers that true success is not about winning; it's about loving the game you play.

Brandt himself worked as an investment banker, played on tour against the Harlem Globetrotters, and played professional basketball in Europe. He deftly pulls these disparate experiences together in this funny, moving, and inspiring play.

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