Press "It's a delightful performance, brimming with bright-eyed optimism, and Johnson's writing has just as much heart."

"This high-speed performance...complements the ways in which Billy's passion for the game propels him past each roadblock." "Johnson shows fantastic range with his many characters..."

"...a tightly defined...collection of hilarious philosophers..."

"As today’s sports pages increasingly fill with ugly personal sagas,...Billy’s story restores regard for the athlete, as he demonstrates integrity and a willingness to learn lessons in his search for identity. Oh, and he has a sense of humor."

Fanhouse "The genius of Johnson's performance is that few people have both the hoops and thespian chops to reprise it."

"Brandt Johnson may have written the only one-man play in which assiduous audience members can track the star's field-goal percentage."

The Clyde Fitch Report "Brandt Johnson stands a cool six-foot-six, but it's his professional journey — from high school and college basketball to investment banking to acting — that represents the height of unusual."

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